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Private Label Production

Private label production is us making something stunning and unique just for you, that is labelled and branded as your own product.

We create beautiful, unique, private label organic products for many of our customers, everything from a one off promotional product to an entire skincare range for your salon or business.

Perhaps you’re dreaming of a custom range of soaps? We can design, create and make scrubs, face bars, shave soaps, body bars and more!

Maybe you want beeswax or vegan food wraps with your own branding, we can help you choose from our fabric range and get your business on it’s zero waste journey.

Perhaps it’s a lotion or moisturiser you are imagining, these are our specialty and we would love to create a range of organic skincare just for you.

Maybe a custom balm range is more your thing… perfumes, lipbalms, mood balms – vegan or beeswax available.

Or even a face wash, cleansing oil, eye cream, skin serum, shampoo bar.. the possibilities are endless

We can make just about anything and if you can dream it, we can help you create it!

We don’t have a standard product range or a catalogue for you to choose from, because everything we make is unique to each customer. This is what sets us apart from other private label skincare manufacturers, there is no cut and paste solution to your business so we don’t try to offer you one. We want to help you make the perfect thing just for your business, that is not shared with and sold to anyone else we deal with.

Discretion is not an issue either, we are most often a silent production partner and nothing more. We do not post your products in our own feeds or draw attention to ourselves as your manufacturer, unless of course you would like us to advertise your business. In which case we are most happy to shout from the rooftops about your beautiful range.

If you have something wonderful in mind that you wish your business had as a part of their range, we would love to create something wonderful just for you.

Sick of selling other peoples products and missing out on profit and marketing opportunity?

Fill out the form below and get in touch with us now to organise a meeting in person/via skype or over email so we can discuss your ideas.