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About Us

Welcome to our little corner of the world, we are so happy to have you here!

We started this business adventure in early 2014 a mother and daughter team, just trying to make a difference in our world and in the future world of our children and grandchildren. We wanted to create products that meant something to us and made a small change for the lives, health and futures of our customers and our community.

Now we have three generations involved in this venture and we’re still striving to support our families while making a sustainable, eco-responsible, living and helping to shape a better future for our world and the future generations of people we are currently borrowing our planet from.

Everything we create is handmade by us in small batches and we pride ourselves on having impeccable customer service and going above and beyond for those who support our business.

You have a choice where you spend your money and we’re honoured and appreciative when you choose to spend it with us. Yes, we really do a happy dance and yes, it really does put our kids through school, keep a roof over our heads and pay for karate lessons, cricket club and footy uniforms.

Simple . Natural . Ethical is our motto, the basis for all we do and our moral and business compass.

We keep our ingredient lists simple and easy for everyone to understand so you know exactly what your using on and around yourself and your family.

Our ingredients are natural, in as raw or unprocessed a state as we have access too. Obtained from as close to the source as possible to keep prices down and travel footprint to a minimum. They are also disclosed on all of our products, even the ones we don’t have to tell you, because it shouldn’t be a secret what you are putting on your skin or near your family.

Our ingredients are sourced ethically, we do not support environmental devastation, slave or child labour situations or poor working conditions. Our international manufacturing and ingredient partners in Vietnam, Mexico and Indonesia pay their workers a living wage and support them with fair working conditions. We check all of our sources thoroughly and have close relationships with them so we can truly be sure we know how our goods are made.

Thanks for coming on this journey with our family as we strive to do something to change the future of families everywhere, because our children and grandchildren deserve clean oceans, waste free bushland and beaches and a healthy environment to grow up in.